The Stress of Mess

The stress of mess will consume you if you’re not careful.  Today’s society is filled with excess stimuli, and we are constantly barraged with choices because of social media, television advertising and the like.  How do you make it stop?

I tell my clients that mess is often a symptom of overconsumption and the lack of self-discipline when it comes to completing tasks.  Filtering through distractions and excess stimuli is a skill, and our ability to focus through distractions is individual.  Everyone has a different level of tolerance for visual stimulus, and everyone has differing abilities when it comes to prioritizing while functioning throughout the day.

Somewhere along the way each person has to establish personal boundaries and self-control when it comes to bringing excess belongings into the living space.  We must decide what our needs are versus our wants.  Is this “thing” going to add value and function to my space or am I just wanting the initial thrill of the purchase.

In the end, you have one life, and it’s essential to be deliberate with your choices and have them create meaning and purpose.