Elevate Your Thinking

So much of the images and language we see and hear today are focused on negativity.  Politics, religious conflicts and racism, declining infrastructures, hunger, homelessness, global warming, cost of living – all of these topics (just to name a few) are clouded with negative vibes. It is so much easier to complain about your life circumstances than it is to find the positive or the open door in a situation.  When we are confronted with non-stop negativity it becomes easy to lose the silver lining.  I’ve been there and most likely everyone has at one time or another.  But we can change.

And what we do is pick ourselves up and carry on.  As individuals we need to make a concrete shift in our thought patterns and turn those negatives into positives and also learn to accept what we cannot control.  It’s all about your own personal mindset.  Thinking positively and taking action will help catapult you into a better way of life, and how you do that will be different from others.

Changing your mindset is powerful and effective, but it can take time depending on your situation and the challenges you face.  Physically getting away for a walk for instance can be extremely helpful.  Listening to music or communicating with a friend or family member face to face can be very inspiring.  Attitude is everything, and you are in the driver’s seat.

Each day it is important to focus internally and remain in the present moment because exercising the mind and spirit is just as important as exercising the body for good, stable health.