Simplifying is Responsible

So much stuff.  So much consumerism. Technology changing everyday. Where do you begin to change yourself and respond to these forces in order to keep your life in balance?

Making daily decisions about simplification is being responsible.  What do I mean by that? It can mean different things to different people.  I personally like the idea of limiting my possessions because it gives me more time for experiences. Because I live simply, I am not spending enormous amounts of time caring for objects, cleaning objects etc. The experiences I now have time for have changed my life.  I savor more time for nourishing my relationships with family and friends. When I simplify, life becomes clearer and extraneous possessions don’t complete for my attention.

Finding the time to celebrate community and volunteer for a charity can make the process of minimizing a responsible act as well. Passing along your objects to Goodwill and other charities so that they become available to someone who needs it more is responsible too. Self care through the simplification process is responsible.  Imagine a calmer ‘you”. The “you” that you have been hiding. The “you” with an aura of peace, kindness and balance..