Simplify by Necessity

In my own story, I found myself going through a divorce after 24 years of marriage.  Because of this, it became necessary to reevaluate my lifestyle and how I wanted to move forward in terms of the possessions I took with me on my journey alone.  It wasn’t easy, however I did have to make fairly quick choices in a concentrated effort. I ‘rose to the occasion’ and didn’t look back. Not only did I leave with fewer belongings, but I was also going to have to live in a smaller space.

For many downsizers the choice to downsize isn’t solely their own.  Whether it be because of divorce, combining households or a change in job status for instance, the ‘choice’ is fraught with anxiety and overall uneasiness because of the abrupt change.  The unknown is vast and overwhelming.

There are ways to combat the anxieties and uncertainties though, and a professional can assist in the process of executing change with confidence.  Discovering the aspects of one’s life that are the most important is paramount to this process, and by simplifying your general lifestyle these aspects become more clear.