Where Do I Start?

It can be overwhelming to think of a project like simplifying your space.  The thought of spending all that time! How will I make all those decisions?  When it comes to simplifying your space, there’s no right or wrong way. There’s also no set amount of time that any given space will take to transform. The critical point is to start.  

Some people find it useful to begin by identifying problem areas and creating a list of those problem areas, systematically crossing off one area at a time.  Others simply dive in and instinctively begin in an area they know in the back of their mind needs some attention. Often times, doing one small, manageable space, like a junk drawer or coat closet, a few times a week will get you on your way to a more calm environment.

Simplify with Lisa in Portland, Oregon offers you, the homeowner, a plan for creating the space you have always dreamed about.  It’s really not about organizing and tidying up. It’s more about discovering the hidden aspects of self which define you and your space, and finding a harmonious balance. Lisa’s consulting services help lead you in the proper directions which make the process go smoothly and effectively.  The end goal is time for the experiences you crave and the calm you need.