When I Grow Up

There’s a little part of me that just doesn’t want to tell you my story, but what keeps me writing is the fact that EVERYONE has a story. I’ve learned that phrase and concept from a variety of people. People that have been influential in getting me to where I’m going. Your story is very different from mine, but there will ultimately be common threads that we all share. You just have to be open to seeing them – focus on the person you are with, not your perception, but theirs.

I’ve always believed that ‘communication is the ‘key to everything’, so it is my hope that by communicating with you here, the process will help both of us achieve our goals. I want to help, and if you are reading this you probably need a boost, a catalyst and a reminder that you are not alone. Everyone has a story…..

“When I Grow Up”

I grew up in the Cedar Mill area in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon. So many of the girls I grew up with and went to school with in the primary years wanted to be a nurse. I just shook my head. My gawd, never in a million years did I want to be THAT. But surprise, almost 50 years later, I’ve been a caregiver. Not exactly a nurse, but close enough for me to realize that life has a way of sneaking up on you and playing little tricks. I’ve also been a data entry operator, a waitress, a salesperson (many different industries), a business owner, an executive secretary in the private sector as well as for a non-profit and a songwriter. As a child, I never thought that I would fulfill any of these roles. But one. Leader. So here I am, ready to lead you on a journey that you will define for yourself, but with a little bit of help.